Meeting "BATMAN" Adam West It all started in 1989. I was nine years old when my older brother took me to see Tim Burton’s first superhero film. I remember liking the character immensely but the dark really scared me. After all, I was only nine years old. When we got home, we turned on the T.V. and came across a different version of the hero. It was the T.V. series from 1966.

I fell in love with the series instantly. It had every bit of action the film had, but with a fun, creative twist, jam packed with Pows, Zaps, Whacks, and more! It was also very colorful and bright; very different from the previously viewed film. I found myself captivated by the show and was very pleased to find out that there were many more episodes to see. Over the course of the years, I taped every episode between the two networks that aired them. As I grew older, and my sense of humor matured, I found myself noticing a great deal of comedy within the episodes. It was during those moments that I realized why the show had lasted so long and why it is enjoyed by people of all ages. There was a little bit of something for everyone. Children enjoyed the action and adults enjoyed the campy humor. How can’t you laugh when the hero corrects the sidekick's grammar as they are ready to fight some thugs?
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