"As one of the most discriminating sticklers for authenticity in Batman '66 related props and costumes, I am pleased beyond belief at the craftsmanship and quality of this amazing Bat Shield! Mine will always sit proudly in the main display case of Planet Wallywood, my home/museum of TV and movie collectibles." — Wally Wingertsee Wally's Bat Shield

"The Bat Shield was always one of my favorite pieces of the Bat-arsenal. I was always fascinated as a kid with its look and construction. And now as an adult it is the centerpiece of my ever growing collection. It is by far one of the most well crafted and detailed Bat-props I've ever come across. Great work Alex!" — Scott Sebringsee Scott's Bat Shield

"Greetings Alex, Thank you for the latest addition to our Bat-Arsenal! Your shield is clearly a top-notch product and will serve us well in our ongoing pursuit of justice! Good job, Old Chum!" — John Whitt and Adam Whittsee John's and Adam's Bat Shield

"Excellent material quality and craftsmanship. If I didn't know better, I don't think Batman could tell the difference. First rate. Thank you again ." — Ian C

"I can't give a higher recommendation than just to say 'WOW.' The quality and craftsmanship of my Bat Shield is unparalleled. And you can't find a better person to do business with than Alex." — David K

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